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Bath bomb Dreamwithus with Cornflower Petals and blue clay

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Bath bomb Dreamwithus with Cornflower Petals and blue clay has the following main benefits:

  • Organic raw shea butter
  • 100% pure essential oils with healing and soothing properties
  • Kaolin white clay for a silky feel
  • A vegan product
  • No animal testing
  • Without SLS and SLES *
  • Handmade and packed in biodegradable packaging.


    Pampering yourself in a hot bubble bath is something that every woman should do. Vegan bath bomb Minu with chamomile and rosemary consists of only the highest quality ingredients that will provide the ultimate relaxation, and will nourish your skin and make it pleasantly soft to the touch. The bath bomb is easy to use as you simply melt it under running water and enjoy!

    The main ingredients of Dreamwithus with Cornflower Petals and blue clay

    The main ingredient of the Dreamwithus with Cornflower Petals and blue clay is organically grown raw shea butter, which is also called "African gold". It is obtained from hand-picked shea nuts. Shea butter has been popular there for millennia as it has proven to be an excellent skin defense against strong sun and wind.

    White kaolin clay is the most delicate among cosmetic clays. Its main ingredient is the mineral kaolinite. The bath bomb is suitable for all skin types, even for the more sensitive, dry and mature, as the skin, unlike other clays, does not dry out the skin. White clay offers natural exfoliation, removes excess oil and helps alleviate the formation of pimples, tones the skin, helps speed up circulation and promotes the formation of soft and radiant skin.

    Bath bomb Dreamwithus with Cornflower Petals and blue clay

    Ingredients Bath Bomb Dreamwithus with Cornflower Petals and blue clay

    It is made of multi-purpose and extremely versatile clay, which is even used for therapeutic and medical purposes! Otherwise, blue clay helps to soothe the skin, prevents the formation of acne, helps to strengthen the elasticity of the skin, improves blood circulation and increases the rejuvenating effect. It is even said to have anti-cellulite action.

    The dried blue leaves Cornflower will also add a wonderful blue color to your bath. The bath bomb is full of valuable substances, as it contains flavonoids, avethylenes, coumarins, mineral salts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and copper. It is a good source of ascorbic acid and vitamin A.

    • Organic raw shea butter,
    • almond oil,
    • kaolin white clay,
    • sodium bicarbonate,
    • tartar,
    • sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLSA),
    • potato starch,
    • citric acid,
    • water,
    • isopropyl alcohol,
    • lemongrass essential oil
    • food emulsifier Poly80,
    • rosemary essential oil *,
    • dried chamomile flowers
    • Dried Cornflower Petals
    • A unique blend of essential and fragrant oils
    • Blue clay
    Weight: at least 130 g, minor deviations may occur as Dreamwithus bath bombs are handmade.