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Melli Mello

Bedding Got me Staring

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Why choose the bedding Got me Staring:

  • premium quality (200 GSM)
  • fabric made from 100% cotton satin 
  • both sides bedding
  • gentle feeling
  • shinny, elegant look


For creating an artistic atmosphere in your bedroom you can afford our bedding Got me Staring and brighten your bedroom with colorful stripes motives. With its soft and luxurious feeling, you will experience premium quality in your home. The shiny look of this duvet cover will add a special touch of elegance. And when you will decide to make your room look more modern and wild you will be able to do this only by rotating the cover around by choosing the side with a leopard print.

Available sizes:

- 140x240 cm + 1 pillowcase 70x60 cm

- 200x240 cm + 2 pillowcases 70x60 cm

- 240x240 cm + 2 pillowcases 70x60 cm

Closure: tuck-in strip (over the entire width at the bottom of bedding, you can tuck it in the duvet cover or under the mattress)

Material: 100% cotton satin

Washable at 40°C.


The bedding is made from a quality 100% cotton satin fabric. Bedding is OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified, which ensures that the bedding is completely safe for your skin and the environment. 

GSM (grams per square meter) is a label that tells you how dense is the fabric. HIgher GSM number means higher density. 

Material description:

Cotton is an extremely widespread and relatively affordable fabric that is completely natural. The plant from which it is obtained is called cotton. We make everything from light laces, cotton bedding, to hard sails from cotton fibers. All this testifies to its exceptional compactness, durability, and wears resistance. Everyone who loves to have your cotton bedding of different colors will especially like this material because it can be dyed in a variety of color shades.

Cotton bedding is extremely easy to care for as it can be washed and ironed at high temperatures. Bedding 140x200 and bedding 200x200 are the most commonly purchased dimensions of bedding. In case the cotton bedding gets quite dirty, the stains must be treated before washing in the washing machine. If you are looking for comfortable bedding, then we definitely recommend cotton bedding. Cotton bedding is soft and fluffy, and with different finishing processes, we can achieve different properties of cotton. We also advise that baby bedding is made of cotton, as the fabric quickly absorbs and releases moisture, thus achieving large breathability of the fabric. We basically divide cotton into 4 types: pima, Egyptian, mountain, and organic cotton. For children, the most sought-after dimension of children's bedding is 140x200. Cotton is highly recommended when making baby bedding, especially if it is an organic cotton that is not bleached and the plant has never been in contact with pesticides during growth.

Satin is one of the most commonly used textile fabrics. It is known for its smooth surface and shine on the front and the “inanimate” back. Satin was initially made of silk, today its structure has spread to other fibers as well. For example, bedding made of 100% cotton fabric, woven in a satin structure, is called satin or. satin bedding. This type of weaving originates from China.

The essential difference between satin and silk is that satin is a type of weaving, while silk is a natural fabric from which, among other things, we create luxurious silk bedding.

Caring for satin bedding is more demanding as it requires dry cleaning. In case synthetic fibers are also added, you can wash satin bedding at home. We do not recommend the use of a dryer and direct exposure to the sun. Satin bedding 200x200 and bedding 140x200 are the most sought after dimensions.