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Blanket Natural

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Blanket Natural has the following main advantages:

  • Soft, warm and comfortable
  • Material: cotton
  • Unique, elegant shape
  • Blanket Natural is a wonderful unique decoration


Blanket Natural is available in green/beige colors and is made of cotton. Approximately 120 x 150 cm large blanket, which will surely impress you with its appearance! A quilt that will refresh every room in which you place it.

Blanket Natural has the following features:

Dimensions: 120x150cm
Color: beige / green
Weight: 1.2 kg

Material description:

Cotton is an extremely widespread and relatively affordable fabric that is completely natural. The plant from which it is obtained is called cotton. We make everything from light laces, cotton bedding, to hard sails from cotton fibers. All this testifies to its exceptional compactness, durability and wear resistance. Anyone who loves to have your cotton bedding or sheets of different colors will especially like this material because it can be dyed in a wide variety of color shades.