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Curtain Bico Hotel

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Main advantages:

  • Polyester / cotton / viscose
  • Soft and airy fabric
  • Made in Europe


Make the home environment even more comfortable with decorative curtains that have rings for a fashionable look and easy hanging, hanging on 8 circles. The curtains are densely woven and thus allow you complete intimacy.

Maintenance instructions:
Hand washing is recommended.

Dimensions approx .: 140x260 cm
Weight: 0.75 kg
Color: gray, ocher, brick, blue

Material description:
When man tried to combine the good properties of fabrics, the demand for blended fabrics rose tremendously. The improvement of the properties of the goods was achieved by mixing natural cellulose fibers with synthetic ones during their production. The blended fibers thus improved spinning, weaving and finishing. Mixed fabric is also colored differently and because of this we can create unique color combinations.

Polyester fibers are made up of synthetic fibers. They are distinguished by good properties, as they are durable, do not wrinkle and retain their shape well (shrink to their original shape).
Polyester is often added to other fibers, as new technologies can create micro-thin fibers that feel almost natural.