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Glow Unicorn Curtain

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Main advantages:

  • Unique thrust
  • Shimmering in the dark
  • Due to its size, it will be suitable for any window size
  • Material: polyester


Let your toddler’s room spill over into the fantasy world in the evening. Curtains that glow in the dark conjure up a cozy atmosphere for sleeping. In this way, toddlers also get the feeling that they are not alone and find it easier to fall asleep. The little ones will be absolutely thrilled with the room when they see these beautiful curtains in it. Available in several colors.

Tehnical specifications:
Color: Multi
Dimensions: 140 x 250 cm

Material description:
Polyester fibers are made up of synthetic fibers. They are distinguished by good properties, as they are durable, do not wrinkle and retain their shape well (shrink to their original shape). Polyester is often added to other fibers, as new technologies can create micro-thin fibers that feel almost natural.