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Knitted blanket Jana

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Main advantages:

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Material: Polyacrylic / polyester
  • Unique look
  • Wonderful unique decoration and warm blanket


The beautiful knitted soft quilt in pink, gray and white is made of polyacrylic and polyester. Approximately 125 x 150 cm large quilt that will surely impress you with its appearance! Every household will get warmer with Jan’s blanket.


Tehnical specifications:
Color: Pink
Size: 125 x 150 cm

Material description:
Polyester fibers are made up of synthetic fibers. They are distinguished by good properties, as they are durable, do not wrinkle and retain their shape well (shrink to their original shape). Polyester is often added to other fibers, as new technologies can create micro-thin fibers that feel almost natural.

Acrylic is simply put, artificial wool. These are fibers obtained from carnon fibers and imitate wool to the touch, and sometimes also cotton. Acrylic does not usually shrink, but it is wise to wash it on a delicate laundry program to keep it softer. Because it absorbs very little water, the acrylic garment dries very quickly.