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Mattress topper Luna 3D AIR BASIC

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Mattress topper Luna 3D AIR BASIC has the following advantages::

  • 3D design for improved air permeability
  • Antiallergenic and antibacterial
  • Elastic straps for fastening
  • Height: 3-4 cm
  • Improves the comfort of your mattress
  • Extends the life of your mattress


With its special shape, the Luna 3D AIR BASIC mattress topper will ensure successful air circulation and thus the removal of moisture, which will not be retained inside the mattress, which is especially important from a hygienic point of view. In addition, it extends the life of your mattress.

Mattress topper Luna 3D AIR BASIC will ensure peaceful and comfortable sleep with its softness, even for those who have occasional sleep problems and want to increase the comfort of their bed.

Elastic straps at the edges make it easier to place the mattress pad on your mattress and prevent it from moving.

Due to its anti-allergenic properties, the pad is suitable for asthmatics and people with allergies. The interior consists of special gel fibers that ensure the long life of the mattress. It can be cleaned in a washing machine at 40 ° C.

Tehnical specifications:

  • Material: 100% microfiber
  • Filler: 600 gr/m² gel fibers

Mattress topper Luna 3D AIR BASIC is available in the following dimensions:

  • 80x200 cm
  • 90x200 cm
  • 140x200 cm
  • 160x200 cm
  • 180x200 cm