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Melli Mello

Plaid Amina

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Main advantages:

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Material: polyester flannel
  • Unique thrust and shape
  • Wonderful unique decoration
  • Pleasant for cold days


This Amina quilt is wonderfully soft and elegant. It is beautifully finished with lots of cute colors and different shapes. With it, you can cover yourself on the couch, warm up or curl up in an armchair and enjoy its softness and comfort. It is not only beautiful but also made of durable material. It is made of 100% polyester flannel. Thanks to the combination of these fabrics, the quilt is soft and warm, and at the same time very easy to maintain.

Size dimensions: 130x160 cm

Material: polyester flannel


Material description:
Polyester fibers are made up of synthetic fibers. They are distinguished by good properties, as they are durable, do not wrinkle and retain their shape well (shrink to their original shape). Polyester is often added to other fibers, as new technologies can create micro-thin fibers that feel almost like natural

Flannel fabric is the only right choice for cold winter nights, as it will keep you warm all night long. It has a firm and very soft structure that does not irritate the skin. For this reason, it is suitable for anyone who has skin problems or various skin conditions. Flannel is basically made up of a loosely knitted blend of wool, cotton and other brushed synthetic fibers.