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Acoustic Wood panel Dreamwithus Nature ® Smoked oak

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Wood wall Dreamwithus Nature ® Smoked oak has the following main advantages:
  • Natural wood, smoked oak
  • Extremely beautiful decorative element
  • Significantly improve the acoustics of the room
  • It can be used in kitchens and toilets
  • Suitable for home and professional use
  • The panels are of the highest quality and they are made entirely in Europe

    Wooden panels which impress all over the world 

    Dreamwithus Nature ® wood panels excite users all over the world. They are the perfect solution with which you can turn any space into a modern space that will impress you. They are made of high-quality laminated wood panels, with slats or. lamellas mounted directly on the base plate. Such a construction therefore completely covers the wall or ceiling, so no special preparation of the base is required. The panels are available in different colors.


    Wood wall Dreamwithus Nature ® Smoked oak

    Acoustic panels ® Dreamwithus Nature - The perfect solution for acoustics 

    Dreamwithus Nature ® wood panels also have sound-absorbing properties and thus act acoustically. They have been proven to absorb the propagation of sound waves and thus significantly improve the acoustic properties of the room. They are suitable for use in living rooms, offices, bedrooms, children's rooms, even in kitchens or toilets.

    Easy installation

    Wooden panels are up to 244 cm high and 60 cm wide, which allows floor-to-ceiling installation in most living rooms and offices. It is also available in the size 300x60 cm. The installation of wooden panels is simple, so you will be able to arrange it yourself and change the look of your living space in an instant. With one wooden panel you will cover 1.47 m2 of surface.


    Tehnical specifications: 

    • Height 244 cm, width 60.5 cm, thickness 2.2 cm or height 300 cm, width 60.5 cm, thickness 2.2 cm
    • Cover area 1.47 m2
    • Material: wood, oak
    • Color: black background, slats are natural colors of oak
    • Available in different colors
    • You can find the link to the acoustic panel samples BASIC here.